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Amethyst (10.25 ratti or 6.15 ct).....


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Amethyst (5.25 ratti or 3.15 ct).....


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Amethyst (6.25 ratti or 3.75 ct).....


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Amethyst (7.25 ratti or 4.35 ct).....


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Amethyst (8.25 ratti or 5 ct).....


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Amethyst (Katela)
Amethyst is a purple colored semi-precious gemstone which has been highly esteemed since the ancient times.

Who Should Wear An Amethyst?

Amethyst is the birthstone for Pisces sun sign (18 Feb- 20Mar). In Indian Astrology, Katela stone strengthens Saturn (Shani) and is the rashi ratna for Aquarius (Kumbh) and Capricorn (Makar). Ascendants of Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio can also wear an Amethyst stone.

Which Amethyst Stone Should I Buy?

The ideal weight of Amethyst gemstone is at least 1/10th carats of your body weight. (60kg body weight = 6 carat stone)
The stone should have high clarity, mid to deep purple color and no chemical treatments.
For Astrological purpose, African Amethysts are considered the best.

Amethyst Benefits:

Amethyst stone represents the planet Saturn which is a symbol of ‘justice’ and ‘humility’. Wearing a Katela stone brings wealth, success and prosperity along with mental peace.
People who have a strong Saturn in their horoscope can extract the maximum benefit for wearing the Amethyst gemstone. It helps them in becoming hard working, dedicated and sincere towards their duty, moral responsibility and work.
Amethyst stone benefits the most that have a weak Saturn. It helps them in reducing the malefic effects of planet Saturn (Shani).
To remove the malefic effects of Saturn, one can use Amethyst Astrological powers of healing. It is said to aid in medical conditions of the knees, backbone and helps in keeping overall body health.
Amethyst benefits people whose profession is related to the color black like coal merchants, oil merchants, lawyers etc.

Amethyst Gemstone Prices:

Amethyst gemstone price per carat depends upon Weight (carat/ratti), Treatments and Quality (cut, color and clarity).
Pure Amethyst price in India is between Rs. 15 – 400 per carat and above.
Astrologically, price of Amethyst stone which is of the best quality of Rs. 400/ct+.
Amethyst stone price in India can be converted into Katela stone price per ratti by multiplying it by 0.6 (so, Rs. 10,000/ct = Rs. 6,000/ratti).

Amethyst Quality:

The quality of Amethyst depends upon its cut, color and clarity.
Astrologically, Amethyst gemstone should preferably have high clarity and pure color.
For Astrological purpose, quality depends mainly on clarity and little on color.

Where Should I Buy Natural Amethyst Gemstone?

Be careful as many dealers sell treated or low quality Amethyst at higher rates. Therefore, when you buy Amethyst online ensure that you get a Lab Certificate of its authenticity from a Reputed Lab and that the dealer is ready to get the gemstone certified from any reputed lab of your choice.
 The seller should also have a clear Refund policy. You can buy Amethyst gemstone online at where the original stones are reasonable and quality is the best.
We value your trust above anything else and therefore, provide a free lab certificate which ensures that your Amethyst gemstone is 100% natural. Also, you can pay cash on delivery as we provide free shipping for our products worldwide.

Which Is The Best Substitute For Amethyst?

Amethyst itself as the substitute for Blue Sapphire as they both represents the planet Saturn. Therefore, Blue Topaz and Iolite can be used as substitutes for Amethyst stone.

How to Wear Amethyst Gemstone?

The first choice as the metal for Amethyst should be Silver. The second choice as the metal for Amethyst stone should be Platinum. Gold should be avoided if possible.

Procedure for Wearing Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst is worn in the middle finger of the correct hand (left-hand for left-handed people and right-hand for right-handed people). It should be worn on Saturday evening during the Krishna Paksh (Waning Moon).

Chemical Composition of Amethyst (Kaka Nilli)

Amethyst is one of the most precious and valuable stones belonging to the quartz group of minerals with exception to rare blue green gem silica.

Chemical Formula


Crystal Structure

Trigonal ; Hexagonal Prisms


7 on Moh’s Scale

Refractive Index

1.544 – 1.533




Transparent to semi-translucent

Double Refraction